Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Understanding the need for kitchen hood cleaning

A major part of restaurant hood cleaning is understanding that all parts should be inspected and well cleaned from all grease. Even though there are sections that collect flammable build-ups, it may look clean in the cook’s point. There are vents behind the hood and pipe at the restaurant, as well as ducts leading to the roof. Therefore, kitchen hood cleaning is so important.

Benefits of kitchen hood cleaning

Add Value to your Customer

Keeping a commercial kitchen tidy, clean, and safe shows the customers and staff that you mean business when it comes to service. It shows you really care about your customers and their health.

Kitchen fire

Usually, the cooking exhaust systems are stainless steel and are thus not flammable. However, the machine becomes a risky source for cooking fires as grease builds up and gathers in places. The fire protection system will turn on in most cases of kitchen fires. Cuts off cooking equipment and using fuel to try to stop the fire. Above all, If flames can undertake some grease build-up in the hood, most times, fires develop out of control quickly. Most fire preventing systems can not contain or extinguish the fire because of the extreme flammability. This is because of cooking oils, such as fats from animals and vegetables.

Better Air quality

Due to lack of commercial hood cleaning the airflow of the kitchen gets interrupt, preventing heat, bad smells and smoke from leaving. Not only does the power bill rise, but so does the number of workers called out due to sickness. It will remove the grease when you have a kitchen hood cleaning companies system, and better airflow, fresh air makes the kitchen more functional.

Efficient Utilisation of your Financial Resources

Cleaning of the cooking exhaust system reduces maintenance over time and helps to saves you more. Firstly, choosing the right method, and taking good decisions save you more to invest in your company right back. Secondly, The machinery has to work hard if not well maintained to get the job done and requires more energy.

FAQ About kitchen hood cleaning

Why is it important to clean extraction hoods in a kitchen?

Kitchen exhaust cleaning avoids the entry of potentially harmful particulates into the air at your restaurant and hence lower the air quality and potentially pose a health threat to your customers and employees. therefore, kitchen exhaust cleaning is of great importance. Moreover, it creates a good impression on your customers.

How often should a restaurant hoods be cleaned?

The required frequency of restaurant kitchen hood cleaning depends on factors such as the type of facility and the volume of cooking. However, establishments such as fast-food restaurants and 24/7 diners usually experience a heavy volume of cooking that involves cleaning of the hoods every 30 days.

How much does a cooking hood cost to clean?

The estimated cost charged by kitchen hood cleaning companies for a commercial restaurant hood cleaning for a two-man crew starting from 800AED. However, project and kitchen are different, charges will depends on your kitchens.

How do I know if my kitchen hood need to be cleaned?

• kitchen hood Become dirty quick
• Signs of infestation by rats or by insects.
• Dirt oil Around the Vents and Registers.
• Respiratory problems
• Smell from Room to Room isn’t reliable.

How long does it take to clean kichen hood?

A standard kitchen exhaust cleaning takes 3-4 hours. However, it depends from the kitchen to the kitchen. There are basically two times when a restaurant exhaust cleaning should be done. Firstly, when your local health code requires it. Secondly, when the restaurant owner/operator deems it necessary. contact skodtec to clean kichen hood of restaurant, if you looking forkitchen hood cleaning companies.